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Head of Lower school Department: Renee Bruning -

At Saint Ronan’s, our aim is to give all our pupils a solid grounding in both everyday mathematics and the ability to solve problems, think logically and apply rules and methods in different situations, ultimately equipping them for CE and GCSE success.

We want our children to enjoy the subject, be excited for their lessons and make good progress. We hope that our lessons will inspire the confidence in our pupils to tackle increasingly challenging problems and to strive to give their best.

We believe an appreciation of Mathematics is important for gaining an understanding of how the world works. We aim to promote an enjoyment of Maths and intend to instil an enthusiasm for, not only, learning Maths but also understanding it, as well as generating a curiosity around the subject. We believe that understanding Mathematical concepts is a life skill and that by developing a child’s ability to calculate and reason will enable them to gain satisfaction from solving problems.

We aim to promote this enjoyment and enthusiasm for the learning of Maths through practical activity, exploration and discussion. We aim to dispel, the sadly all too common, fear of numbers! We believe that children should take risks in Maths and adopt a ‘have-a-go’ approach. Enabling a child to develop confidence in Maths is key to a child exploring ideas and developing their own independent thinking. We provide stimulating lessons with an emphasis on seeing how the numbers relate to the problem rather than blindly applying a method.