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Saint Ronan's School is a traditional co-educational Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep School for children aged 3 to 13, with a distinguished history and an excellent academic record. It is a family school with an informal and happy atmosphere where staff are approachable and mud unremarkable.

The School, in Hawkhurst in Kent, is just five miles from the A21 and twenty minutes from Tunbridge Wells. Saint Ronan’s provides a happy environment for children to remain just that. We want the children to enjoy school, relish the opportunities offered and be inspired to work hard, to be kind, gentle, courteous and honest.

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Around Saint Ronan's

Some of the main buildings and history within our school.

Groom's Cottage

The Groom’s Cottage is part of the Coach House and, as the name suggests, it once provided lodgings for the Gunther family’s groom. When the mansion house became a school and children replaced horses, the Headmaster and his family took up residence there before transforming it into a cosy home for our Nursery family. The children are as settled as they are at home and play, eat lunch, venture outdoors into the garden and learn together in the caring environment of the Nursery.

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The Harris Building

Whilst the Mansion House makes the children imagine that they are at Hogwarts, the Harris building was purpose-built for our Pre-Preppers. Named to honour and celebrate the lives of Headmasters Stanley Harris and his brother Walter Harris, it was opened by Old Ronian Frank Gardiner in 2007.
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Tongswood House

Saint Ronan’s is set in the 249 acre Tongswood estate. This estate proudly boasts some of the most picturesque Wealden countryside and is, without doubt, a very adventurous place to be young. The centre-piece of the estate is the imposing and impressive Tongswood House, a rambling Victorian mansion which is listed because of its architectural and local historical significance.

More about the Tongswood Estate

Our Staff - Management

Headmaster - Mr William Trelawny-Vernon

Mr William Trelawny-Vernon


Deputy Headmaster (Pastoral) - Mr Ross Andrew

Mr Ross Andrew

Deputy Headmaster (Pastoral)

Head of Nursery and Pre-Prep - Mrs Andrea Bright

Mrs Andrea Bright

Head of Nursery and Pre-Prep

Deputy Headmaster (Academic) - Mr Dale Bright

Mr Dale Bright

Deputy Headmaster (Academic)

Bursar - Mr David Ansell

Mr David Ansell


Director of I.T. - Mr Ben Clarke

Mr Ben Clarke

Director of I.T.

Assistant Headmaster - Mr Timothy Fox

Mr Timothy Fox

Assistant Headmaster

Safeguarding and Child Protection - Mrs Emma Trelawny-Vernon

Mrs Emma Trelawny-Vernon

Safeguarding and Child Protection

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Saint Ronan's History

In January 1883, The Revd. Philip Crick founded the school in Selden Terrace, Worthing. No name had been decided upon and when the sign writer came, as Mr. Crick was reading Saint Ronan’s Well, the name Saint Ronan’s was decided upon. The actual Saint Ronan has rather obscure origins from Ireland, Cornwall & Brittany.

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Our full history

Sit back and join us and visit our history from the beginning. From 1883 until the present era, we are proud of what has been achieved for so long.

Full History
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Tongswood Estate

The first record of Tongswood is in 1273 when it is mentioned in the ‘Hundreds Rolls’ of Kent and the land was held by Simon de Tonge, who took his name from his fief.

Tongswood Estate
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Who was St Ronan?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions so in 2009 I looked to find a definitive answer. - William Trelawny-Vernon

Who was St Ronan?
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The school shield

The School shield is proudly displayed on the Saint Ronan’s sweatshirt. It owes its roots to various other coats of arms: those of Pembroke College, Cambridge and the Crick family crest.

The School Shield