What a wonderful place our Pre-Prep is. Education here is a journey of discovery and adventure. Because we want each child’s individual journey to be filled with excitement and joy, our teachers work hard to create extraordinary spaces for young children to play and learn in.

At Saint Ronan’s a stimulating and varied curriculum is used to guide our children in exploring and gaining an understanding of the world around them. Each child is encouraged to think for him or herself and to ask the question ‘why’. Characteristics such as imagination, awareness, perseverance, cooperation, curiosity and empathy are encouraged throughout the school.

The Saint Ronan’s Pre-Prep provides the children with a wonderful opportunity to take risks in a safe environment. Our aspiration is to equip our children with the skills to become active thinkers and learners, thereby allowing them to become confident to make a positive difference in our ever-changing world. We do this by giving them the opportunities to discover the outdoors through Forest School, visits to Paradise Farm, romping through our lovely grounds and by providing an enriching and creative indoor curriculum.

A deep care of each child’s well-being as an individual lies at the heart of everything we do. We believe that children who are confident and happy are able to be inspired by what they are learning.

Saint Ronan’s Pre-Prep is a special and magical place where children are enveloped in a happy and loving atmosphere. It is a place where hobbit houses are built in the woods, where the magic of stories inspires the children to write, read and act out their own and a place where children’s personal achievements are celebrated, no matter how big or how small.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

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Pre-Prep Information

Harris Building

The Harris Building

Whilst the Mansion House makes the children imagine that they are at Hogwarts, the Harris building was purpose-built for our Pre-Preppers. Named to honour and celebrate the lives of Headmasters Stanley Harris and his brother Walter Harris, it was opened by Old Ronian Frank Gardiner in 2007.

The Pre-Prep Day

Our Pre-Prep day begins at 8:15am when the children are dropped off by their parents. Registration is at 8:50am and formal lessons begin thereafter.

There are two breaks for the children during the day. After a mid-morning savoury snack, with fruit and milk or water, the children play in Hyde Park. At 12pm the Pre-Prep come together to have lunch in Pudding Lane. After lunch, at 12:40pm, the children have another break for 40 minutes. Nursery have their lunch in the Nursery, which provides a quieter atmosphere for the little ones.

The formal end to lessons is at 3:30pm but there are many After School Clubs on offer for Year 1s and Year 2s. Please do have a look at the ASC page to see the range of clubs on offer. For Reception and Nursery, a mini-club is available. All clubs finish at 5:10pm.


‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.’ ― Benjamin Franklin

Children learn in many different ways and at different rates. With today’s technology on hand to assist, learning is fun, enjoyable and memorable. Our goal is to give each child an opportunity to realise that they might not know how to do something ‘yet’. This makes every lesson a challenge and gives our children a determination to keep practising and experimenting.

In Reception classes the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, where they learn personal, social and emotional skills, improve their communication and language skills and develop physically. Reading, Writing and Mathematics are taught as dedicated lessons and are extended through imaginative and purposeful play. The beautiful, historical setting helps children to understand the world around them and modern technology opens doors of discovery. Learning is not confined to inside the classroom but is enhanced through exploration in the Forest School and getting stuck into jobs on the Farm. The natural talent and curiosity of each child is allowed to develop as they express themselves artistically, musically or dramatically.

In Years 1 and 2 the children are taught in dedicated lessons of Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Computer Science, French, Music, PE and RE. Practical activities, group learning, reporting and recording are all ways that children can share what they have learned with others and consolidate their own understanding. Taking their learning outside allows the children to put into practice their knowledge and helps them to solve everyday problems, recording the number of eggs laid this week or deciding on the best angle at which to lay the logs when building a shelter in the Forest School.

Getting the learning right for each individual depends on experienced, highly-qualified class teachers and teaching assistants, working together with parents and specialist staff. The family atmosphere helps children to feel confident to aim high academically, musically and on the sports pitch. Music, PE and French are specialist taught subjects.

By the time the children have finished Year 2, they are ready to begin the next exciting journey through the Prep School. Time is spent preparing them for this transition and children leave the Pre-Prep with a greater independence and confidence in their own abilities, socially and emotionally equipped for the challenges ahead. They are curious, imaginative, able to actively problem solve and think critically. All children are academically tracked from Nursery onwards and achievement is above the nationally expected levels.

>The essence of the Nursery and Pre-Prep curriculum is one of care, continuity and careful planning of lessons; delivered within a department which values each individual child’s efforts to achieve the best that they can.

Learning Outside

Our children are wonderfully fortunate in having incredible grounds in which to play and learn. The grounds are used extensively during the school day and during our After School Clubs. During lessons, children will often be found exploring with their teachers, pond-dipping in the top pond, having mini-beast hunts in the Forest or learning how to identify flowers on the Salt Mines. Paradise Farm and the bee hives are another source of outdoor learning provided by the school and every child has an opportunity to muck out pigs and chickens, collect fresh eggs or have a cuddle with our guinea pigs.

Forest School

Forest School offers chances for the children to build on the skills and experiences, confidence and independence they have previously acquired in the Nursery. They are able to further develop their critical thinking, problem solving and team building skills. They begin to use real tools to create natural crafts, build fires and their imagination is given plenty of opportunity to flourish. How lovely it is for the children to leave behind their academic timetable and enjoy the natural outdoors by climbing trees, fishing for tadpoles, eating wild garlic and making mud pies.

After School Clubs

We appreciate that, for busy parents, a 3.30pm finish to the school day is a little too early. We therefore offer an extended day, until 5.10pm. Nursery children can join the ‘Mini-Club’, which runs after school every day. The children stay in the Nursery cottage and garden, with staff that are familiar to them. They are free to play with their friends and enjoy a ‘high tea’ of sandwiches, cake and fruit.

Art Club

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Year 1 & 2 • Monday 3.30 – 5.10

Ballet Extra

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Year 1 & 2 • Wednesday with Sarah Denman
Girls and boys can learn ballet in the Great Space on the sprung floor. Tuition is provided by Sarah Denman. This is an Extra and runs from 3.30-4pm for Year 1 and Year 2 and 12.45-1.15pm for Reception. Nursery ballet is on Friday morning.

Cricket Club

Terms: Summer • Year 1 & 2 • Tuesdays with Tim Fox 3.30-5.10pm
Children can improve their cricket skills in the Founder’s Hall or out in the grounds.

Drama Club

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer •Years 1 & 2 • Wednesday with Chrissie Yates 3.30-5.10pm
Join the Drama Club, taught by Chrissie of the Yew Tree Performing Arts Academy. Children will follow the Trinity Guildhall syllabus, with an option to take a Speech and Drama or Performance exam.

Fencing Extra

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Years 1 & 2 • Monday 3.30-4pm
Fencing is not only fun (where else can you recreate all the swashbuckling excitement of a sword fight?) but also a great way to improve mobility and co-ordination. Each session consists of fencing-related exercises and games and finishes with bouts.

Football Club

Terms: Autumn & Spring •Years 1 & 2 • Tuesday with Mr Fox 3.30-5.10pm
Boys and girls can extend their Football skills with specialist coaching and have the opportunity to play Football (whatever the weather) in the Founder’s Hall.

Forest School Club

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer •Years 1 & 2 • Thursday with Anna Day and Gemma Grierson Rickford 3.30-5.10pm
Whatever the weather, the children will begin their activities in Tongswood, learning to tie knots, make shelters and dens, collecting and exploring.

Friday Funday Club

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer •Year 1 and 2 Fridays 3.30-5.10pm
Children can enjoy a variety of activities and games which we don’t have time for in the busy school day!

Fun on the Farm

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Years 1 & 2 Mondays with Karen 3.30-5.10pm
The children can enjoy some extra time on the Farm. They might be collecting eggs, feeding and cleaning out or helping Debbie with other jobs to keep the animals safe and healthy.

Judo Extra

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Year 1and 2 • Wednesday with Sarah Burkett 3.30-4.00pm
This is a popular Extra for Pre-Prep. Sarah gets the children to competition level in the Prep School.

Mini Club

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer •Nursery & Reception • Every day 3.30-5.10pm
A range of activities will be provided for the youngest children by the teachers who care for them every day. The children will be in familiar surroundings in the Nursery or Reception classrooms and gardens.


Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer •Year 2 Monday, Wednesday or Thursday with Jamie Lynch 3.30-5.10pm
After a health & safety briefing, Jamie will take the children down to Tongswood to try their off-roading skills. Children need to bring their own bike and helmet for this club.

Rounders Club

Terms: Summer •Year 1 & 2 • Tuesdays with Natalie Hinchliffe 3.30-5.10pm
Children will be able to improve their rounders’ skills in the Founder’s Hall or out in the grounds.


A fun and exciting way to boost enjoyment and learning across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Wind Down Wednesday

Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Year 1 and 2 • Wednesday 3.30-5.10pm
The children will be able to choose from a variety of activities and games that they never have time for in a busy school day!


Terms: Autumn, Spring & Summer • Year 1and 2 • Thursday with Hayley Sanderson 3.30-5.10pm
The children may experience the benefits of yoga, with Hayley, in Bumble Bee.

Pre-Prep Staff

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