Award Finalists Award Finalists
Date: Tuesday 5th of September 2023

Award Finalists

We are delighted to have been named in the 2023 School House Awards Final. We are the only school with more than one spot in the final! How exciting!

Judges were looking for 'brilliance, passion and innovation' and so it was wonderful to see us as finalists in the categories of both Kindness and Animal Support Champions.

For animal support award the judges were looking for special unexpected stories of how animals are used in the most interesting and educational way. Ivanka the pig got top billing!

For Kindness, the judges were looking for “Happiness, joy, contentment- the intangibles on which a good life is built”. What a great award to be a finalist for and they particularly liked Harry’s prayer…as we all do.

The latest awards, come hot on the heels of winning the 'Best School Spirit' with Muddy Stilettos 2023 and being shortlisted for the Independent School Parent awards as Best Prep School.

What a great way to start the term.