Engineering and Design

Head of Department: Stephen Sharp -

Our Engineering and Design department is the perfect place for your child to push their creative boundaries, they are encouraged to explore various materials and manufacturing methods as well as using STEM to further develop an understanding of how things work and why.

Children are given the opportunity to explore the fundamental principles of Engineering and Design :- they will experiment with using a wide range of materials and processes to create new and exciting products that they will be able to take home, ranging from camp kits to Klask board games. Within Engineering and Design, we dedicate time for the children to get a taste of robotics and coding using VEX robots, with the aim to compete with other schools worldwide! As well as this, our CAD/CAM machines including 3d printer, vinyl and laser cutter and sublimation printer are just some of the ways we’re introducing our students to make informed design decisions in an innovative way using the same tools used in industry!

Our aim is for the pupils of Saint Ronan's to be authentic designers creating purposeful products for real end Users, this is all possible due to our well-equipped workshop and design suite, which we are always aspiring to find new methods of design and manufacture to give pupils an up to date and relevant experience in the subject. Pupils who show significant promise can become an ED Scholar where we compile a portfolio of work for their senior school.

ED formally known as DT