Head of Department: James Yeabsley -

Students at Saint Ronan’s study a broad and diverse range of historical topics. In Pre-Prep, they learn about how people have left traces of their past in buildings, objects and writing. They then go on to to understand how individuals can leave marks, too, with their actions and words. In the junior Prep School, students go on to compare and contrast the great Roman and Mayan civilizations and study the adventures of the Vikings and the intrigue of The Tudors. Higher up the Prep School, Midway then look at the development of empires and nation states, with a depth study of the British Empire, The French Revolution and the World Wars of the twentieth century. In Upper and Remove, students work towards the CE exam, focusing on Medieval England and the exploits of megalomanic kings, traitorous Archbishops and rebellious peasants.

The History department at Saint Ronan’s is very well-equipped, with access to the very latest in curriculum resources to make lessons relevant, engaging and rewarding. Educational excursions are also a big part of the teaching and learning of history and there are a wide range of trips and visits to inspire students and help them become lifelong learners. Highlights include the Tower of London and Canterbury Cathedral. Furthermore, we bring experts in with a ‘Roman day’ and online workshops from the National Archives.

History is more relevant today than ever and while many of us remember simply learning facts, History teachers at Saint Ronan’s encourage critical thinking, evaluation and creativity. Saint Ronan’s gives students an excellent base for the content and skills required to excel at GCSE and A Level. Finally, we like to think our students will leave Prep school with a passion for our past that they will pass on to the next generation.